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Originally Posted by Sleepy View Post
People post whatever they read on the internet (not targeted towards anyone). What you are referring to is stiffness at the end link and you are right. But you also have to consider FE3 bar mount inboard of damper/spring assembly with motion ratio about 0.4:1 and FE4 bar mount outboard of damper/spring assembly with motion ratio about 0.8:1 (my guess base on 0.7:1 damper/spring assembly motion ratio). Motion ratio has to be square to get the wheel rate so given the same strength bar, FE4 mounting point will be 4x stronger at the wheel.
Ahaaaa. The old increase-the-mechanical-advantage-of-the-lower-control-arm-by-moving-the-endlink-outward-trick…

Thanks sleepy!
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