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Originally Posted by tooheysmax View Post
What do you guys have as an adjustable option to compliment my Airlift build and with hiem joints.
Are you asking about rear suspension control arms??? We do have the TCA029 lower control arms, TR004 toe rods, and TCA033 trailing arms....all adjustable.

Originally Posted by acowherd View Post
Dang! I thought this was going to be the newly redesigned lower control arms for the drag race kit!!

You know you guys want to release some info on this!!
Yes, we are about to start production on the "revised" MTCA030. It will have a delrin bushing on the inner connection point instead of the spherical ball joint, this will the prevent the rotational movement of the LCA that was seen on the earlier model. However, because of this new end connection, the arm will no longer be camber adjustable. We should hopefully have some ready to ship out by late next week.
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