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Originally Posted by SleepWarz View Post
And to all the doubters the 91 new yorker can tow 2 dirtbikes and a ATV in our 5x8 utility trailer. (Or was it a 5x10...)
1991 New Yorker:
Curb weight 3348
Length: 193.6 in.
Width: 68.9 in.
Wheel Base: 104.5 in.
Horsepower: 147 hp
Torque: 183 ft-lbs.

2010 Camaro:
Curb Weight: 3780 lbs.
Length: 190.4 in.
Width: 75.5 in.
Wheel Base: 112.3 in.
Horsepower: 304 hp (V6)
Torque: 273 ft-lbs. (V6)

The Camaro is a far superior tow vehicle -- longer and wider wheelbase, less overhang, RWD, better tires, and heavier (plus more power, for those who are too impatient to tow safely). It should be able to safely tow the 1991 New Yorker AND the trailerload of toys at the same time.

I'd guess the Camaro's safe towing capacity (assuming that GM would put in the R&D to rate it to its full safe capacity, which they won't, since they have no reason to) would probably be around 5,000 pounds and would usually be limited by tongue weight, which I bet it can't reasonably handle a huge amount of.
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