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Originally Posted by olblue75 View Post
Got to studying the first set of pix an i see you can run the FE3 or the FE4+ bar but if i knew im wasnt going to run the FE3 could a guy get them without the FE3 tabs???
Unfortunately, we will only be making these as pictured with provisions for both suspensions. We can't start making custom orders for one person because every person on here will want something different!!! I hope you understand!!!

Originally Posted by etmx183 View Post
Some help please folks. I am going with Weld RT-S 17" rims on all four. I have the BMR adjustable LCAs ready to install. So my understanding is my rear sway bar WILL NOT work now? I use the car for fun, not a DD and some serious dragracing. OK, yes I said serious dragracing and it's a V6. I already have many other BMR suspension parts on the car.
If you have a 2012 V-6, you "should" still have the FE3 sway bar set-up, where the sway bar end links mount on the inboard side of the shocks. If that's the case, you can certainly hook up your sway bar to the new LCA's. We have not been able to do a test fit yet with the FE4 suspension and 17" Welds, but I would think the end link or the sway bar itself may contact the wheel.
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