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Originally Posted by badss98 View Post
Remember cfm is the main number you should be concerned about, Tank size does not relate to cfm. A 60 gallon tank can put out low cfm as this is about storage or compressor cycle time. A two stage compressor will usually out perform a single stage in the cfm delivery. Also 2 stage compressors will usually be oil bath and run quieter not like the direct drive which can be very loud. If you want to have something that will meet all your needs a 2 stage 60 gallon should be more than enough for the home garage. If you need a great air ratchet at a reasonable price go purchase a 1/2 inch earthquake at harbour freight this ratchet is a real workhorse that will never let you down not to mention the price is affordable. Good luck on your search

This statement on CFM is the most important......larger tank if you are thinking of painting will definitely be an asset. A water trap & lubricator combo unit are nice alternative to an air dryer, but the lubricator will need to be bypassed if you paint. Most low end air dryers aren't worth the money spent as they still allow moist air to enter the system. Basically good preventative maintenance is the cheapest and easiest way to manage the moisture.....drain the tank on a consistent basis. All in all, one can spend $500 and have a really good compressor that needs to be managed a bit.....or you can spend $5000 and have a great system that will take care of itself......I personally opt for the $500 and manage it myself!!
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