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I still have not pulled the trigger on this. Got the money sitting in PayPal but haven't made up my mind. Running the electric is kind of the stall right now though.

Originally Posted by Mr Twisty View Post
Watch your local craigslist for a good used compressor. Mine is from the 70's and still going strong, although I did have to change the motor from a 3-phase to 1-phase it was still a great deal at $300. (plus $150 for motor)

If you find a Worthington or old Eaton for cheap snatch it up. Can still get parts for both even after all these years.

I bought a dinky hose on a whim from the local welding store, it's a 'Flexeel' hose, so far I LIKE it! We'll see how durability is, but it's so small OD I can leave it in the utility room coiled up so it'll probably last a good many years as little as I use it.
Isn't Craigs List where you pay to have a serial killer kill you?

Originally Posted by fshog View Post
This statement on CFM is the most important......larger tank if you are thinking of painting will definitely be an asset. A water trap & lubricator combo unit are nice alternative to an air dryer, but the lubricator will need to be bypassed if you paint. Most low end air dryers aren't worth the money spent as they still allow moist air to enter the system. Basically good preventative maintenance is the cheapest and easiest way to manage the moisture.....drain the tank on a consistent basis. All in all, one can spend $500 and have a really good compressor that needs to be managed a bit.....or you can spend $5000 and have a great system that will take care of itself......I personally opt for the $500 and manage it myself!!
At 500.00 It's almost disposable anyway. hahaha
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