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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
After leaving my car with the dealership for a full day, they were unable to get my PDIM to work. I'm positive it's just a programming issue.

CallmeMacc -- it's not valid - the steps listed in the PDIM instructions specifically say you have to reprogram the radio (step #17). Insist they follow the instructions and it shouldn't be a big deal.

This is from one of the previous pages - I copied and sent it to my dealership tech:

"All they have to do is connect your car to the tech tool and talk to the GM mothership where your car information is stored. They have to navigate to the info about your options and under your stereo/sound/entertainment section they check that you now have a PDIM installed. They then just need to update your radio with this information so, the radio knows you now have a PDIM and voila... you should be in business."
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