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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Ya but I don't want anything to be left of the Rabbit or Coyote. haha

My garage is at the furthest point away from my electric box. I installed a brand new box and seperated the meter after Katrina pulled the whole power mast off of the house. Never got it inspected and got lucky that it was still declared emergency so they did not look for my certificate of inspection. I can run one seperate after the fact without detection no problem but I'd have to get a different face inside or put a seperate panel inside as well. Might just run the wire and put a box in the garage.

Going back to the problem that started it all.....
I did a quick test with a ~300 lb ft torque wrench on my portable compressor set at 90 psi, it removed a lug nut pretty easy.

I had a small air leak at the wrench just because I was too lazy to grab a wrench and tighten the fitting, but it still kicked on pretty often just messing around. I actually got the small one for inflating tires and running nail guns which it does just fine. I was curious if it would spin a torque wrench, even though I don't think it spun it at 100% of it's spec it was still enough to loosen that lug nut.
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