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Arrow DIY LED Side Marker Kit

Ohio Speed now offers a LED DIY Kit for the 5th gen. Side Marker Lights.

Kits are for those of us who like to work on ours cars and show off a job well done and of course save big bucks doing it ourselves.

DIY Kit Includes:
2 = Amber 40ct. Arrays
2 = Red 40ct. Arrays

American made and mfg. with a lifetime warranty against LED failure.
You will have to split your stock side markers with this kit.

Turn wheels either right or left and it will allow you to get to the 3 T25 (believed) Torx screws holding the inner fender in place in front of the tire. Pull that back and you will see a white tab inside of a black box holding the light in place. Grab a screwdriver, push the tab in and towards the outside of the car. That is the only tab holding the light in place. The front of the marker has a piece that slides into a slot. (Think of how the battery cover of a remote control works)

Open the trunk and remove the 6 cargo net screw/hooks. Pull out the plastic piece they held in place. Pull the carpet down from the sides. There is one pushpin holding the carpet at the top. Once the carpet is pulled down, you will see a black rectangle that is probable 8 inches long and 4 inches tall that has flaps in it in front of where the side markers should be. If you look at the top of it you will see two extensions that click to hold that in place. push those down and carefully push and twist the black piece to negotiate it out. I say careful because I don't know if it can drop. Once that is out of the way you can reach through the hole and feel the rear markers. Theses are held in place the same way the fronts were(ie remote control battery cover) The tabs that you can push in are towards the front of the car.
100% USA Custom made per order.

Please allow 2 to 10 business days for delivery.

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