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Originally Posted by Zfatuated View Post
...Figure 2000 miles for road use or 70 track laps when driven fast and well. If you drive with a lot of slip angle, halve that...
My last car was similar, spec-wise, to the Z/28. About the same weight and power, with slightly less tire width but no CCBs. The tires were 60-wear rated and very good. The first 300 miles of track usage and you felt Superman. After that the car felt OK, but it was clear that you'd started to lose your cape. The last 100 miles the car started to feel pretty greasy as the grip went down. After 550 miles of track usage there was a slight show-through on the shoulder of the tire, only about half-way around, like someone drew a very thin, faint white line.

Jackie Stewart was my hero as a kid, so I try very hard to be smooth. The problem is, these cars are such a blast to drive that you have to control your inner hoonigan...

Per my other thread HERE , I'm also looking to have two sets of wheels -- one track set and one fairly racy street set -- for transit and to use on track if things are damp. Zfatuated, do I hear you saying you're considering a third set by adding Hoosiers to your quiver?!?
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