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Follow-up to your questions..

Originally Posted by Camaro Lives On View Post
Am I the only one that thinks it would have been better to put it staright through the defuser, like the IVER cars? That way, it would have better ground clearance, and look a little bit better.
I personally would not trust the average hitch installer to cut up my diffuser. I might have trusted this manufacturer to do it but not everyone will have that luxury.

Originally Posted by Camaro Lives On View Post
I would be worried about hitting that thing on a parking block, or worried about it dragging it coming down a hill out out of a parking lot, or driveway.
It has higher clearance than the cats and the leading edges of the mufflers.

Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
whats the weight capacity of the hitch? also, have you changed your rear diff fluid?
Tell my why I would do that? Asked very seriously with no sarcasm intended.

Originally Posted by theholycow View Post
k0jdd, I too wonder about hitch capacity. In another thread I think you mentioned that it's a Class I, but it looks like Class II or higher.
It is a Class I. [1-1/4" receiver 2000lbs max tow wt 200lbs max tongue wt]
It is also clearly marked "Do not exceed tow vehicle ratings."

We know from the owners manual that those values are 1000lbs max tow wt and 100lbs max tongue wt. That's also what my Gen4 was rated at as I recall.
From reading other threads I surmise that these low values are the result of no actual R&D time/money having been spent to determine the 'true values.'
In any case, it is enough for my bike rack.
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