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COTW 9/16/13
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Kjkjr27's IOM Build [COTW 9/16/13]

Ok so this weekend was a pretty busy one had to get everything on before the track opened. On Saturday I installed my LSR toe rods. The install wasn't too bad started with the pass side figuring it would be easier since I didn't need to lower the subframe or that one, ended up taking me almost 2 hours. When I got to the driver side it took me a whole 45min which included lowering the subframe a couple inches and tightening it back up. I was expecting it to be hard to lower the subframe but it was quiet easy, just need a little muscle and a breaker bar to loosen the bolts. O yea managed to take off a whopping 1.7lbs with this install haha.

Sorry the install pics didn't come out so good, was hard to get good lighting and the flash didn't work too well.

So on to Sunday. On Sunday I decided to install my coilovers myself. Took me quiet a while. I decided to start with the front first had a little trouble breaking loose some bolts but with a heatgun it was much easier. Now I set the gap in the coilovers to 1in so I could lower the car 1in but I must have set them wrong cause well it is def lower than a 1in drop haha but none-the-less I like it. Didn't take too many pictures because I just wanted to get this install done before it got too dark (managed to install the very last one as it was night haha) I'll have to take better pics of the car when it is sunny out so you can see the drop better.

Better pic of the gaps:


The coilovers weighed about 19lbs less than the stock setup so yay more weight off. Still have a 17lb braille battery to install that I will prob do tomorrow.
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