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First track day (in the 1LE) prep today.

After a meeting with a "shall remain unnamed" person at GM today (you know who you are...Thanks again!) I had a real meeting and then I ran down to Rodgers Chevrolet to get my car ready for the first day at the track at Grattan this coming Sunday.

Alignment: The car is 8 days old and has about 700 miles on it. Alignment was tweaked per recommendations.

LF/RF -1.3 and -1.4 degrees of camber, toe is within factory spec.
LR/RR -0.9 and -0.8 degrees of camber. toe is within factory spec.

EDIT: added my after sheet below.
Disclaimer: This setting is a compromise of street/track based on data/info I may not be for everyone!

Oil change: Many schools of thought...but having built about a dozen motors in my life I wanted to remove the potential of any contaminants left over from assembly..(not saying there are any...but with my purchase my first oil change was free). I did not put in full synthetic as I also like to run 5w 30 Dexos oil for at least a couple thousand miles (both just personal preference)

Brake Fluid: Decided to give Motul 600 a try for the first time in my life.....Because this is the heaviest car (I have owned) that I will have tracked in my life by over 600lbs. Immediately noticed a stiffer pedal (less compression of fluid) after it was installed.

Big thank you to Rodgers for squeezing me in today!

If anyone in MI/OH/IN wants to come out to Grattan to watch, feel free.....I will have my 1LE there and I know there are two ZL1 that will be there as well as many other cars...

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