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1LE Hood Wrap Match/Exterior mods
I went to my friends who is also my window tint guy and clear bra installer for 16+ years so he could touch up a couple spots.

While there I started to talk about the wrap on the hood and that I wanted to match it between the tail lights. He walks into his garage and come out with a roll of 3M wrap (not "vinyl" it's apparently different??) and cuts off a piece and hands it to me..exact match! Conversation turns to tinting the back up lights and side markers...He walks back into the garage and come out with scraps of vinyl tint (basically clear bra type material that is tinted) and proceeds to install it on the 6 lights in about 20 minutes total....

We put a lighter tint on the back up lights so they are still functional and the darker on the side markers (functional as well..just darker)

I painted the bezels last week a trim black and then installed the 3M wrap last night about midnight. It is very subtle on the back of my AGM but I like it.(It is on there in the full rear end picture)...Below are the end results. I am pretty happy with the new look.

Note: pictures are all with a iPhone and on different days, hence the color shade ect...clear bra is on the front....but of course you can t see it
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