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Do we need CTS-V Big Brakes?

As of this weekend I have driven 3 different tracks since the install of my CTS-V front brake set-up (2 piece rotors/ 6 piston calipers / using Motul 600 and stock GM pads) and I will just post a quick review for each and then conclude with my opinion and some made up point system..fair enough? (Disclaimer: weather, temps, tire condition, and the weight of the driver post steak dinner the night before can all have an effect on lap times.....This is racer math listed below)

Gingerman Raceway: April 12/13 2014. Gingerman is a 2 mile road course that has 4 heavy brake zones. It is know to eat brakes and tires. I was able to repetitively brake later and dropped my laps from the pre brake install 1:47.34 to a CTS-V braked lap time of 1:44.41 (that is huge) CTS-V Brakes +1 point

Waterford Hills Raceway: May 24th. Waterford is a very short 1.5 mile twisty track that is more suited to smaller lighter cars and there is only one hard brake zone from 100mph. My best lap last year was a 1:20 flat...Best lap Saturday was a 1:21.7. So what happened? The stock brakes worked just fine at Waterford. I made no other changes and it was 25+F warmer than I ran there last year.Tires were getting a little worn CTS-V Brakes = 0 points

Grattan Raceway:
May 25th: I love Grattan!! 3200+ foot straight, off camber side of a hill corner, a jump!! My best lap last year pre-BBK was 1:30.22, Sunday it was 1:31.78 But wait, there is more! My max speed on the straight between the two times increased from 123.6 mph in Sept to 130.4 mph on Sunday. A 7 mph increase without a pucker in the brake zone lap after lap. (Then why are you slower Matt?) One word: tires. I wore the front tires down well past were I would normally use them and they just fell off. The car didn't want to turn in and I had to drive it to turn with more throttle which is not smooth or fast. CTS-V Brakes = 1 point.

So do you need CTS-V 6-Piston Brakes?
Of course you don't need them as you can make the stock 4-piston Brembos works just fine with good pads, fluid and some air flow. If you only run a shorter track there may be no need for you to upgrade.....But with my racer math/data above (as well as support from a friend that may or may not work at GM that may or may not work with the high performance brake systems and may or may not have shared data with me to assist in my choices) I would say it is was worth the investment for me.

Thank you again to Joe and Becky D at Rodgers Chevrolet for the use of the tow rig! They met me on day two at Grattan and Becky had a new PB there! 2 Tracks and over 400+ miles behind the wheel of the Kodiak and I was a tired dog!

Thank you,
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