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Originally Posted by GTPprix View Post
The one I fixed had the wrong calibration OS in it for the actual core operating system on the unit, the wrong Audio and EQ calibrations and the wrong primary vin in it. Not to mention it was still setup for the 13 revision bus so while it "looked like it was working" it was working at about 1/2 its speed with errors up the wazoo and functions not completing.

They don't have the ability to make custom software like we do, hence why I took the time to make things work properly

This is why GM says a lllll over the place (to the point someone made a youtube video LOL) that you can't swap modules on Global A Vehicles which is exactly what happened in this instance.

Our units CAN be upgraded although we do have to do it, the difference is you actually have the option.
Originally Posted by Chevy_cowboy View Post
GTPprix, if they need to be updated sometime in the future, how would that be done, would the silver box need to be sent back to you guys or is that something that could be done through the usb kinda like a TV firmware update?
Originally Posted by USCAMARO14 View Post
Looks like we'd have to send in the unit in that case. However we seem to have that option. I'd pick and choose before doing so. I mean the updates would have to be pretty drastic and outweigh not using it in the meantime.

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