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Muffler Rattle / Baffle / Noise Issue - GM Replaced w/Brand New Muffler

So they put a brand new muffler in yesterday... both sides! even though only the drivers side had the noise issue.

The new muffler technically goes all the way to the tips (so new chrome tips too).

They said that someone at GM was "waiting" for my old one to do some investigation on. I thought that was interesting.

The guy at the dealership is convinced it's a baffle. Basically a wall inside the muffler housing that's both welded and crimped into place. If a weld is bad or the crimp isn't right it can cause this loud very ANNOYING rattle - which only happened in the 1500 RPM range.

So new exhaust - no rattle.

This new exhaust actually sounds a bit more "throaty" too - actually sounds better in my opinion. So all in all - I'm very happy with the replacement so far.

In other news the guys at the dealership said the installed a couple of the GM Performance Parts Catback Exhausts and that at idle they could NOT tell a difference between the original stock and the catback. WOW! That's very surprising to me. They said it's better when you get on it but marginally.

Damn glad I didn't spend the extra cash on it.

They did say they are putting a "Corsa" exhaust on a Camaro today and that I could come listen to it.... they said that sounds a LOT better. I'll prolly go in and check it out.

Anyway... there's the update on this issue - REPLACEMENT.
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