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Originally Posted by jschuler View Post
But is it possible to tune the 2LT, add a cold air intake and exhaust in order to squeeze a few more ponies out of it? How much would it cost to do this? Because I'm looking for a way to get a little bit more power out of my V6 (not the SS by a long shot) and keep the gas milage. Does anybody know of the brand of parts I should get if this works? I'm quite the rookie here.
There are plenty of threads on this. As far as CAI, it looks like Airaid makes a good one. Not sure how much info we have on it. Also, any cat-back or axle back exhaust should boost your HP slightly as well as fuel efficiency. Combined you might get around 20HP. As for a tune, it seems nobody has a proven method for tuning the DI LLT in the V6 yet. It's coming, we just haven't seen results yet.
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