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Thanks for the compliments guys!

Originally Posted by the barber View Post
Bad ass, hows the ride?
The ride isn't bad at all a little stiffer than stock it feels to me.

Originally Posted by Atti2de View Post
Very nice, mind if I ask the out the door cost?
If by out the door you mean all in all it was about 3900 installed aligned and all, btw can't wait to see your car and wheels u just put on at the fest! Been following that build thread you have and it's awesome!

Originally Posted by digdeep0169 View Post
even on stock wheels - a slammed car looks siick!
Thanks! And Yeah wish i had aftermarket wheels but I think this will be the biggest thing I put on the car lol

Originally Posted by ramairetransam View Post
do you drive the car hard ? how is the ride of it . Can it be pushed ? can you do a full up pic too .
I drive it hard here and there and so far handles great and pushed? Here is a pic of full height, drive height,, and all down

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