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Originally Posted by KaBoom1701 View Post
Man this was a blast!

I was the BRM 13' RS. Best time was 2:11. I think good for a first timer.

I hit 128mph on the straight away once. During the 4th session my ACS T-5 splitter came loose and I felt a crazy vibration at over 100mph. I thought I blew a tire. I was on the last lap of the session so I just drove slow and gave everyone point by's. A quick fix in the garage and I was out for the 5th session. I got stuck behind a 45th edition Camaro with no courtesy point by....

It was good to see you and your 1LE in person. I can't wait to install my "Red" 1LE Brembo brakes soon. I was going to ask if I could ride along to see how you drive and learn some tips but I caught up in the moment and forgot to ask you. lol

You missed Bryon spinning out on the last session! I think he *hit some brinks thinking he broke his car. After a quick ignition restart he was off and running again.

Oh, and welcome to the Inland Empire Camaro Club!
You ran with the stock brakes?
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