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Originally Posted by JHall651 View Post
I mean it pops my torque wrench at 70 ft lbs but if I give it a hair more the mount spins inside and the nut never really goes anywhere. Is this normal? Is the shaft running into the strut that has the threads on it suppose to spin like that? If all this is normal then how do I go about snugging those without it spinning? And any suggestions on what the pooping could be would be appreciated. It seems to be maybe my springs doing it when they twist, when I turn my wheel. Not sure. Thanks everyone.
Can't help you with the noise, but the threaded shaft will spin. If you notice the top of the shaft can fit a hex wrench. That's how you hold it still from spinning. A normal torque wrench won't work with a hex wrench in place. I highly warn against turning the shaft with a torque wrench and holding the nut still. If you're not careful the shaft can crack on the threaded part.

You do know that nut gets torqued to only 65ft lbs.

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