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Originally Posted by Jenner View Post
You ran with the stock brakes?
I have Goodyear tires on. (See below in my sig) The tires alone made a HUGE difference in the corners.

Originally Posted by KRich2587 View Post
nothing wrong with taking a completely stock car out. People get caught up in making their car track ready but how do you know what improvements you've made without trying before hand? Just make sure your tires are good and have enough pad left and hit the track!!
Amen. I see too many peeps just have garage queens and modding the heck out of the cars waiting for the perfect track set up but they never go to the track! My main reason for staying with the OEM V6 brakes at my first real track event was to see and feel the difference when I upgrade to my SS Brembo's.

I also have a 1LE suspension track pack waiting to install but I want to install the Brembo's first, track the car, then install the 1LE suspension so I can feel what changes were made.
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