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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
The tighter the corner, the better you are with a big rear bar and a soft front bar. On a road course that car can get a bit loose setup that way. Drivers with countless hours of seat time find that to be very fast. Very few of us have enough seat time and skill to love that kind of setup on a road course.

It isn't unusual to see a front sway bar disconnected at an AC event. This allows a lot of front end roll, but also a lot of front end stick. Using OE bars, I think many would find an OE 23mm front bar with an OE Z/1LE 28mm rear bar to be a very good setup for both AC and RC. Am I a fan of a 27mm front adjustable bar with a 32mm rear bar, of course I am. I am the guy that settled on that setup after countless hours of testing and brought it to market. The front to rear difference is 5mm and '6'mm with the front bar to full soft. OE 23 / 28 is a 5mm difference
Makes sense about the road course. My thought process is go with after market bars so I can set it up more conservative for road course and go more aggressive for Autocross.
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