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Originally Posted by SSGone View Post
Myold88, looks like you'll be one of the first of us all who have ordered white. Very excited for you, and trying to be patient. Cant wait to see your car buddy. Congrats on the progress!

Pino, i ordered mine at the end of may and im still at 1100. Before i ordered it i talked to a few dealers and they all said the same thing on how long it was going to take to get it, which was about 5 months. so i went ahead and ordered in my town, but i'm in TX. Member Myold88 is in CT and ordered his a week or two after me but is getting his a lot sooner. I dont know if its a dealer thing or what but seems like im stuck at 1100 forever!!!! haha
I dont know whats up with your orders- I ordered 6/11 but didn't move to 2000 until 7/17 when my dealer got me an allocation.- Then I moved right along. It sounds like your order is stuck at the dealer (1100).
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