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Originally Posted by JCunningham View Post
when I put my front BK016 bar in I didnt have to drill anything had 18mm nuts on the end links and I got the stock bar out on jack stands pretty easily without lifting the motor. getting the new bar in took a while. Had to bend the ps line a little by hand and then I got the bar caught on the pass side rear stud for the sway bar bushing. After a while i got pissed and just smacked the bar with a rubber mallet from under it on the pass side. It popped off the stud and fell in.
Hahahaha, now this is my style of "install". I see in your sig that you have the BMR upper control arm bushings/mounts. That is the very next thing I'm installing, can you tell me how that went? I've read their instructions and it recommends lots of stuff that seems optional to me, wanted to check. Thanks
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