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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
#1 get rid of the front camber bolts. They are not as strong as the OEM bolts and tell me the shop had no idea on how to align a Camaro. There is a threaded hole in the knuckle for a 10mm 1.5 pitch bolt. You screw in the bolt with the clevis bolts loose to decrease negative camber and unscrew it to increase negative camber.
I'd go a bit further and say that while that shop is probably a pretty good shop as far as aligning the average commuter/grocery-getter sedan is concerned, their experience with and level of understanding has a ways to go when it comes to aligning performance cars in general. Particularly those with suspension mods.

Part of the blame can be passed along to the thousands of enthusiasts (particularly those with other cars) who shop for camber correction on price without any other understanding at all. This feeds the shops an expectation that the crash-bolt approach to camber alignment is a good enough job. My opinion as well as Pete's and apparently the Zeta chassis' suspension engineering crew - it's not.

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