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Well, the ultimate set-up for launching would be the DRP007 Drag Race Suspension Package. Comes with our MTCA030 Lower Control Arms, TCA033 Trailing Arms, Strange Engineering Double-Adjustable Rear Coilovers, and the CCK004 Upper Coilover Conversion Mounts. Unless you plan on running rear wheels smaller than 17", you don't need the Brake Conversion Package. We also highly recommend the XSB004 Anti-Roll Bar with this package. I have this exact package on my personal car with 17" Welds and it is still very "streetable". My car isn't quite the "corner carver" it used to be, but if successful hard launches are what you're after, this is the ticket!!! As previously mentioned, full replacement cradle bushings (or even solid) are also highly recommended. And personally, I would go with some TR004 Toe Rods too!
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