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Originally Posted by Suprslo View Post
I just recieved mine and installed them yesterday. They are a very nice piece however I'm kind of frustrated. I've exchanged emails and phone calls several times with BMR over the past few months trying to get these. Even after a shipping mishap, I finally got them. No big deal. But the instructions start off saying I have to use adjustable toe rods with them. Why didn't anyone say something? I don't care about the money, it's just annoying to finally get my parts and have to wait even more for more parts required for the install.
Sorry for the confusion on your order. I will say in our defense about the adjustable toe rods, it is impossible to know what each customer has or doesn't have already installed on their cars. And it does say in the description for the TCA028's that they do require adjustable toe rods. But yes, if you called in your order to us, then we should have asked if you had the adjustable toe rods to go with them. If that didn't happen, I do sincerely apologize.
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