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Originally Posted by jsenn View Post
That "window" thing is called indexing glass. It is typically seen on high end cars but has started making it's way down the line. It is there to help creat a better seal and prevent extra wind noise. The Corvette's all have this feature and I'm hoping the Camaro will as well. As far as interior room in concerned, from what I've read and been told, it will be quite roomy. I spoke with a gentleman who was a bit overweight and 6'3" and he said that he fit just fine in the Camaro, so you should have no problem.

I'm too lazy to search but someone in one of the threads said the new Camaro has window "indexing" (or is that windex?).

I remember it was in one of the threads about the IVER camaro with the dark tinted windows that made a surprise appearance at an F-Body meetup.

Pretty sure we're going to get that!

On another note... I was behind a C6 today I think for the first time and noticed the turn signals were "sequential". The inboard lamp would light followed by the outboard lamp. So the lights "move" in sequence to show turn direction. Like the '69 Cougar used to have (only that had 3 lamps not two). Is that standard on the 'vette???
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