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DYNO Results are in...

Thanks to Late Model Racecraft's grand re-opening event on 8/8/09, I was able to get my car up the dyno. I'm not exactly pleased with the results but they are what they are. The printout from LMR only shows HP and MPH so I manually calculated out the torque and RPM values, using Excel, from the original graph.

Peak: 236.56 hp / 227.05 lb-ft

At least the torque curve is super flat but the drivetrain HP loss is a lot higher than I expected it to be...~22%.

I wonder how much the break-in procedure had to do with the numbers. I followed the GM recommended steps (under 4k rpm for 1500 miles, vary speed, etc...). I wonder if I should have just got on it from the beginning instead....Oh well, too late now.

Someday I may run on the dyno again to see how things change over time but for now, I'm going to just enjoy the ride and remember that I didn't buy the v6 for it's performance numbers.
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