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I've got it....okay, there's only one hole in this theory (color), but that could be taken care of pretty easily.....

This isn't's for the new Knight Rider series.

- They realized they screwed up making KITT a Mustang.
- The "red" we are seeing on the bow tie isn't so much an outline as it is a glow from the pulsating light that "sweeps" across the emblem.
- The "new" hood, facia, splitter, and even wheels are for the "attack" mode of KITT, not the normal mode (Note, unlike the 'Stang, all they had to do to make the attack mode of the Camaro was give it a splitter for high speed stability, a bigger hood scoop and front facia brake ducts for more airflow, not all that other crap that they needed on the
- The color could even be part of KITT's camouflage thing, they just used the Bumblebee color as a tribute to the "original" on-screen 5th Gen hero.
-The other cars in the pictures are just the "extras" that GM gave them for the show. It's a little surprising that they would show off a brand new concept or two in a probably-going-to-get-axed-after-a-couple-episodes TV show, but whatever.

I think that's it....this is KITT.


Okay, back to I said, I think the front end gives it too much of a ricer look. That could change with color, lighting, or even different angles. Maybe it will grow on me, especially when I see one in person, but for right now, I hope that isn't the front end they're going with.
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