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Unfortunately I'm not one of the "disciples", but I've had the opportunity to sit in both the current Mustang, as well as the Concept on one occassion.

My personal observations are the following;


- The styling of the Camaro is far superior in looks versus the Mustang.
- Headroom is not an issue in the Camaro. I'm 5'10" and fit just fine with headroom to spare.
- The seating position in the Camaro was preferable to that of the Mustang.


- Its been said previously, but the styling of the Mustang is starting to look "dated" versus that of the Camaro.
- The Concept is wide, (similar to the Tahoe) and while I haven't seen the production version yet, it will be narrower.

If you're looking for a car to "hold you over", I would suggest saving some money by looking for a decent 4th Gen. Camaro. It'll provide the performance you're looking for, and I've seen a couple reasonable one's near home for sale. Plus, you're not "going to the dark side".

Hope that was of some help.
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