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I was thinking about adding in the AR25's right before the tips, but I think she sounds pretty good right now.

The reason he did the dual in dual out was because he did a full custom job on an SS with longtube headers and high flow-cats with this same muffler and str8 pipe from there back and she sounded wicked, but I wasn't trying to get the same sound especially out of a V6. He did it for cheap though and I thought the AR25's were too raspy for me and especially my wife.

I'll have the part# tomorrow morning and I'll post it. If it is a True-X I might have them rip out the H-pipe when I get some high-flow cats.

Question for you guys, being that we have 4 cats and 4 O2 sensors can I install 2-high flow cats and still pass inspection. Also will having only two cats mess with the ECM with the placment of the O2 sensors. 1 sensor is before the first cat and one emmediatlly after it, right before the second cat.
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