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Originally Posted by Anaconda View Post
Great build thread. I'm also going to be looking into the Turbonetics kit in the future. How is the lag? Do you do an spirited driving on the corners or on a road course? Also wonder if the 3.91 gears aid in getting the car going on the low end and then the turbo kicks in? Just curious how the power feels when it comes. Any future plans?
Kit is overall great. There is slight lag in first gear but after that the car just spool like a demon. No more freaking lag.

As you can see this car has been a big project . Well at least to me so it's been spending most if the time getting parts added. Have not hit the track yet. But that is the plan I'm planning a track day with some friends. I have taken it to canyon runs and I can tell you the suspension is just a beauty, pretty bad ass.

As for the 3.91 gears I don't have much on that because I didn't own a SS before it's hard to tell the difference. But from my V6 oh yeah huge difference . The shifting is way more solid . You throw the gear and it goes right it with no hassle.

Future plans are Turbonetics Stage 2 Turbo, Comp Turbo cam, increase boost and forged internals.

Then Twin disc clutch and 1000 hp axles.
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