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Originally Posted by Dtpracing View Post
Hey Mike, I'm right with you on the drivetrain loss. The trans loss is kind of crazy though. The SRT (NAG1) trans will hold 550rwhp stock and it has no wheres near the loss %. The Whipple is great, just nothing was available from them, Magnuson, KB, etc. when the customer was ready to go. This job got initiated at the end of June and PC was the only company giving out shipping dates at that point. The power actually comes on really nice, the gains were great even down low. We may turn up the boost a little in the future to get more out of it. This car was tuned on Tuesday (unfortunately the air temps were up around 100 deg).

We'll post again once we up the boost and retune, hopefully on a cooler day.
Yeah, whipples stuff still isn`t ready, but thats ok, I`m not ready to do the blower quite yet, hopefully right after profit sharing next year...

You mean a there`s such a thing as a Dodge Trans that will hold 550RWHP! Lord knows I`ve hada ton of mechanical breakdown claims for dodge Transmissions, none for the 300/Charger though.

Take it easy, and keep us informed! Good stuff...
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