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Updated Pics of the protoype STS (Twin Turbo) Camaro SS

As previewed on homepage.

10/22/2009 Finally, we are able to add some more pics of the finished kit.

Here some pics of the first STS Turbo (Twin Turbo) setup on the 2010 SS. There will be more pics and dyno results to follow. The tips are not attached yet in the pics. They are also working on protective molded cover for the air elements. These guys are great to work with. Customer service is a priority for them. Youtube has a 5 part interview with Rick Squires( the owner). The kits will be ready to ship the first part of October. Call Vernon or Matt if you have any questions between now and the next update.

Finally, I'm able to give an update. I have added some pics of the mounted intercooler and of all of the tubing(not the finished tubing product). They are taking their time to make sure everything fits under the car with no "dragging". The end of this weekend is the target time to get everything together before it goes to the dyno. They are estimating 500-540rwhp with 5lbs of boost. 8lbs would give around 600-630rwhp. I will post the results as soon as I get the printout. One of the nice things about STS Turbo setups is that they can be removed with no problems going back to factory condition(why would you?) or heavy NA mods. I can confidently say, for those of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of the first kits, you will not be disappointed.
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