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Pedders is Ready for Camaro!!!

Hi to all,

Just a heads up on the suspension mods for the Camaro.

We are ready. We will have various upgrade levels available for the Camaro BEFORE it is available. There are some minor differences between the G8 and the Camaro, but already know about it and we have already taken care of it.

One of the biggest issues we are seeing on the G8 and will transfer to the Camaro the following:
1. Rear suspension assembly is mounted to the frame by 4 soft bushings. These bushings allow quite a bit of side to side movement or step out as we call it. that means the suspension as an assembly can move separately from the body. This was designed to reduce road noise and not make the rear so tire balance sensitive. But as the G8, installing our kit eliminates the step out, and does not create any noticeable noise. If your rear tires are out of balance or were close to being out of balance, then you will feel it more. The bush install is relatively simple. You partially drop the rear cradle assembly, and install inserts top and bottom into the voids that are manufacturer in the cradle bushings. This will make a tremendous improvememnt, and can be done by a talented, auto savy with tools, DIY er.
2. Rear differential supports. As in the G8, these bushes, 3 of them, are fairly soft and move a lot on hard torq applications. Replacing these bushes with our poly bushings does require a special tool that we have made. Installing our bushes here will assist in better torq management and torq transfer. Again, no noise level increases
3. Rear upper control arm bushes. These huge bushings are alittle more challenging but not too difficult. The OEM stuff is very soft. Putting them into compliance will assist in better cornering, and torq transfer for the drag racers. There is no doubt at all that the Camaro will become an very aggressive road race ad drag race vehicle. We are ready for these setups.
4. Overshocking and overspringing, wil be a problem for the Camaro due to minimal tire widths that will be available. A balance approach will give you much better handling and performance than putting on too aggressive shocks/springs. More on that later
5. Rear trailing arm bushes, link bushes and tie rod bushes are all very soft rubber. The serious performance driver is going to want these bushes swapped out. Again, our poly bushes do not make noise and offer a very serious increase in compliance and predicibility
6. Front radius rod bushing will be fluid filled as of current data just like the G8. Under hard braking and cornering, there is too much movement. Our Pedders front radius rod bush will allow you to increase positive casters approx 1 degree or so, which is a very big deal.
7. Lower control arm bush is soft and non compliant, and allows lots of movement. Ours fixes this issue.
8. We already have adjustable sway bar kits with superior end links. We may make a special killer performance set for the Camaro.
9. At a minimum, we will have our GSR front struts and adjustable coil overs available by SEMA, plus some special options that we cannot discuss yet, that will be introduced by SEMA.
10. There are some collapsing issues on the G8's upper strut mount bushings. This is a result of strapping and shipping issues from Au. We are not sure yet if this will continue to be a problem, since the Camaro will come from Canada and no boat ride will occur.

Our pedders web site for Camaro, is having a huge volume increase. In fact you have almost crashed our site multiple times due to the volume of hits. We are going to be working on a heads up email program very soon, to help all of you keep abreast of the latest and greatest opportunitys for the Camaro. When the site is upgraded to start recieving info, we will post it on this forum for all to see and sign up Then click on the Camaro in the picture.

We are extremey excited about the Camaro, and in the near future we will be able to discuss what we have been doing in the background for this serious, killer ride. But mums the word right now!!


So future Camaro owners, we are ready for you!. is offline   Reply With Quote