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Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
I would think it more fun, just to keep telling her she wasn't worth the gas.

Don't care if I was driving a nine second auto, I just would not give some pig the satisfaction.

But that's me, and I'm an ass.

You know, if my car were running fast I would probably feel that way. And I'm sure I'd beat her even with what I've got. I mean, she's got a V6. But it's just a constant reminder that my car is slow. And all the jokes I've had thrown at me were funny at first but starting to actually get irritating. Freinds, family, bowling league, clients, and Bonnie have all been really sticking it to me. All in good fun and I would never let most of them know it but when you add it all up, then that big mouth (who I don't even like) tries to stir it up, it gets really old. Mainly cause while everyone else is for the most part just teasing, this person isn't.
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