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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Contrary to popular belief, this is not true. This system has no intercooler, because it doesn't need one (the exposed, elongated intake pipes actually act like an intercooler), soo...the total volume of the intake pipes is equal to that of a traditional system with a necessary intercooler: minimal lag. As for exhaust pressure...pressure is pressure in a closed system, no matter where it's coming from...
...AND... if you add an Intercooler, you can safely run about 3 PSI more boost without pinging because it will drop the IATs down from around 195 degrees to near ambient air temp. I did this on my 2001 Silverado with the STS Remote Mount.

Also, I added a Water/Methanol Injection Kit to the STS system and can add another 3 PSI of boost safely, when I arm the injection system.
  • Stock STS Kit: 5 PSI boost
  • Air-to-Air Intercooler added to STS Kit: 8 PSI boost
  • Water/Meth Injection on STS Kit: 11 PSI boost
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