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Getting Antsy

I've been fine the whole time. When I ordered my car back in May, I knew it was going to be months and I've been patient; haven't felt any worked up emotion or anything. Until....I called the UPRR tracking system yesterday and found out my car will be in the rail yard 10 miles from my All of a sudden I'm getting antsy.

Last night I actually dreamed of having it in the garage and cleaning it in great detail. Stupid thing is, it's not like I haven't bought new cars before or really nice performance cars either. I've had 3 brand new Trans Ams, a sweet little Miata, and my current car which is a beautiful blue RX8 I've had for 6 years. And that doesn't count the SUV's, commuter cars, and whatever else I've bought new over the past several decades. So it's not like this is my first new car.

And yet...there's something about THIS car that has brought out a feeling in me like I haven't felt since high school. I've got all my paperwork ready; I ordered a washing/detailing kit which is sitting in the garage ready for this car. I spend hours reading through Camaro5. I couldn't tell you what's happening in the news because I don't watch TV much at all anymore; I'd rather read this forum and look at pictures of what others are doing/have done with their Camaros. Am I crazy? I'm too old for a mid-life literally. I've always loved cars; still do. Doesn't seem to matter what age I am my heart still skips a beat when I see a gorgeous car.

Tonight I took the old RX8 out to get it washed for the last time. Took some snaps with my cellphone. I've always had a hard time trading in or selling any car I've owned because I get attached to them in a way; they're like friends kind of, or maybe like a good horse that's carried you through the many miles and years. The RX8 has been and still is a beautiful car; handles like a dream, great interior, fun to drive...just not enough power.

My 6 year old 8 still sparkles like the day I bought it. I treat cars with respect and I've found if you do, good ones will take care of you. If it's a lemon that's another story, but I wash them, take care of them, keep them in good shape.

I know when I hand the keys over at the dealer I'll feel that familiar tightening in my chest the way I always do when I say goodbye to a car I've owned but I'll have to just turn away and not look back.

Lots of thoughts going through my head as I look forward to getting my car finally after all this time. This is the first American car I've bought since 1988. The last car was a 1988 Trans Am GTA that was great when it ran; which wasn't very often. It had so many problems it wasn't funny and the dealer sucked. They'd keep it all day, claim to have "tested" it and after they didn't call like they said they would, I'd call at around 5:00 pm before they closed and they'd say "oh yeah, it's ready". I'd go to pick it up, the paperwork would say nothing was wrong, couldn't duplicate the problem. I'd drag whoever's butt out I could find, show them the problem I'd brought it in for, they'd go "oh" and tell me to bring it back.

At the one year mark I had it in again for warranty work and they tried to charge me for it, claiming the car was out of warranty. I'd bought the 6 year extended warranty which showed on my contract (I'd leased it) but they claimed I didn't have a warranty and wouldn't let me pick up the car. A friend had taken me there so I had to go back, get the contract and bring it back and show them. I'd paid $1,000 for it. They go in their files and come back out with a TYPED contract (my original was handwritten) that showed i had NOT purchased an extended warranty; price hadn't changed though. And my signature is supposedly on the bottom of this "other" contract. My paperwork also showed that I'd leased it EXACTLY one year ago to the day so it was still covered by the factory 12 month warranty; it was the last day. They were none too happy about that but they had to release the car to me and cover the repair.

I of course immediately contacted the lease company which had that same bogus contract. I sent them a photocopy of my original contract and they refused to do anything about it. So I told them they'd breached the contract. I specifically had purchased the extended warranty to cover the entire time of the lease and now this "problem" car had no coverage? I told them to pick the car up and I was cancelling the lease due to breach of contract. We went round and round a few times with the legal types and all but in the end they lost. My original was signed by everybody and held as the original legal document. I was going to go after the dealer but they filed bankruptcy and went out of business. I had no difficulty understanding why; what a bunch of crooks.

That was my last experience with American cars and dealers and I swore I'd never buy American cars again. I've bought Japanese ever since. My experience with Japanese cars has been great; well designed, well built, reliable and works as advertised. The Mazda RX8 has been fun but a bit different; the first rotary engine car I've ever owned or driven. They have their quirks but you adjust to them. It's been a good car.

There's something about the Camaro that's hard to define. It was love at first sight the moment I saw an ad for one on TV when they first came out. And the first time I saw one? It looked even better than it did on TV which was unusual; car makers usually try to make their cars look "bigger than life" in their TV ads. The Camaro looked breath-taking in the TV ad, it WAS breath-taking in person. Then my best friend in high school got a 1967 SS 350. It had the hideaway was fast...and we put a ridiculous amount of miles on it cruising around, street drags at the local hangouts, hamburger stands, etc. all back in the days when you parked and walked up to a counter. No drive throughs, no "eat inside". A hamburger stand was just that; you stand to eat or sit in your car like everybody did...parked backed in so you could see "the action". Every item on Taco Bell's menu was 19; take your pick. Police were cool in those days; if they pulled you over for racing, they'd either give you a warning, "break it up" so everybody had to leave, or maybe give you a ticket. Guys were cool; you knew when to race and where.

Then I got my own Camaro; a 1969 Rally Sport 327. More great times. I have a lot of good memories associated with Camaros.

Maybe that's why I'm so excited about getting this car; it brings back memories of a very different America. I honestly never thought I'd see the likes of this car come out of an American car company again. No disrespect but for me they stopped making Camaros in 1973. When they began those huge "safety" bumpers and all that politically correct stuff, that's when the Camaro became a prisoner of war; the war against America and what it was to be American. The war is still going on so it's incredible to see the Camaro break free from it's POW days and ring the liberty bell once again. A REAL American car; a real American MUSCLE car... like the old days only better, stronger, faster.

This may very well be my last car. If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have hung onto so much of what we at the time just took for granted. I'm excited for this new Camaro like I haven't been for an American car in a long, long time.

I'm sure there will be a lot of you younger people that won't understand a lot of what I've posted here and that's a shame; I wish you'd gotten to see and experience the America I did when I was growing up. It had it's flaws for sure, but it was a better place then. More freedom. Common sense was in fact, "common". Don't take this Camaro for granted; don't take the freedom to drive it, gas it up when you want, modify it how you like....don't take that for granted because you don't know what the future may bring.

Well, this has certainly turned out to be a much longer post than I had intended!! lol. But I can't sleep, can't shut down. Can't stop thinking about my car just a few miles away. You have no idea (or maybe some of you do) how good it feels to feel like this about a car again, and not just any car, but an American car...and not just any American car, but a CAMARO.

Blue Angel is here!!

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