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Don't worry about pricing.

There are some rules about getting the car you want at the price you want.

1: Be stubborn. You are going to get the car you want at the price you want only if you make that your priority. If you make it a priority to be really friendly or submissive. Focus on MSRP and demand to pay only that.

2: It's all business. The salesperson gets a commission off of your sale. Every dime you pay over MSRP goes to profit.

3: Your extra money goes toward your car. When you get away with paying MSRP, the remainder can go toward a nice dual exit exhaust, intake, and some accessories.

4: Be patient. If you don't get it with this dealer, drive somewhere else. Someone will keep you close to MSRP.

No one knows whether price gouging will be an issue. Regardless, the salesperson will try to make a sale with commission. Even if no one but you wants the car, you will have to contend with the salesperson. Salespeople aren't bad people. They have to make sales to pay for their own lives, so don't hold their sales ability against them. Even if every dealer prices it below MSRP, you showing interest in the car means that the price will go up for you as a car enthusiast. Higher demand means higher price. To get a low price, be patient and stubborn. Your first dealer may or may not be the one to sell you your car at the price you're willing to pay.
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