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My review of MTI Racing's six shooter

I had this little beauty installed on Fri and even though it's been in my car for only a couple days, I've put it through it's paces.

Since MTI installed it, I've put nearly 500 miles on the car including 2 sessions on the Talladega Gran Prix Raceway.

First of all the shaft is stainless steel and it's a shame it has to live hidden under the shift boot. It is a visually impressive piece.

I don't want to start in with the "technical specs" of the shifter, just my opinion of what the driver will feel. I'm sure MTI can provide any technical details.

First of all, just sitting in the car and moving through the gears it feels very very solid, like you could hang a tractor trailer off of it, this thing is built.

Unlike a lot of aftermarket shifters, the force required to shift the Six Shooter is very close to stock. I tend to shift with my fingertips and palm and because of much, much less play in the shifter it's actually easier to shift in this manner than the stock stick.

Also common to other aftermarket shifters, is the "notchy" feeling. Not here, it's easy to find the gear you want and it goes in silky smooth.

Now, this is gonna sound kinda weird, but to me it actually makes the car feel smaller. I know....hear me out. Maybe it has to do with the 25% shorter throws and tighter feeling pattern, but I feel more connected with my car now. Before it felt more like a "shift by wire" system, but now I feel like I have a direct connection to the machine.

Lastly, I noticed no new sounds or increased noise, my previous experience with another aftermarket shifter in my GTO had me a bit worried about noise.

I kept my stock knob, since it compliments my shifting style. MTI also has other knobs that will work with the shifter.

I love it, and very glad it was the first mod done to the car. I haven't missed a shift yet

If anyone has any questions about the Six Shooter, feel free to ask. I'll be glad to answer.
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