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Originally Posted by 2001ragtop
If the final car has the dimensions of the show car, I think it is safe to assume 17 or 18 rims. Whatever the rims are that are on the new GTO or the Holden are probably the size they will be using.

Most people don't know this, but when a car has 18" rims, they have to soften the suspension to compensate so your rims don't get so easily bent when you hit a pothole. They do this on the new mustang GT if it's ordered with 18" rims. It has a different suspension.

I am also pretty sure the suspension is softer on dodge trucks that come factory with 20" rims based on how it felt when I drove one.
Sorry no disrespect, but I am going to have to call you out on this, trust me I know. Like I mentioned before my former employer was smack dab in the middle of the MotorCity. We never made the suspension softer on a sport coupe if the rims increased in size. The whole reason for larger rims is for performance (and I am not talking Bling Bling rims ether). That was the biggest complaint by the customers after buying the top of the line coupe “The ride is to stiff” well no sh** you bought a 400+ horse street legal race car, what did you expect… Now on the high end luxury sedans, yes we would soften the suspension for a better ride if it had larger rims, but we would still get complaints. You want a softer ride by a V6 with 16 in rims (larger side walls)…
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