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First Post, Owned a 69 and am in for the 5th gen


This is my first post to the forum. At the age of 16 I got by dream car, a 1969 Camaro beat to hell in desparate need of a great deal of TLC. I spent the next 4 years rebuilding and enjoying the car but sold it when I joined the military. Now at 42 I will have a chance to relive a great part of my youth in a modern car that does not require me to wrench on it every day. I have had a chance to buy another 69 a while back but I am spoiled with new car handling, brakes, ac and amenities so I passed. When the concept came out for the 5th gen I was not overly impressed. Interestingly enough I am not a huge fan of the retro cars in general. As GM has refined the design I must say they have won me over. The interior design decisions and the blend of new and old design concepts overall have made me a big fan. I plan on buying the SS and perhaps the Z-28 when it is availible. I owned a 2004 GTO and I am very excited that the boys from down under (Holden) are involved with the platform development on the 5th Gen. They make great, straightforward no BS cars down there.

Thanks to the folks from for creating such a great site.
Looking forward to ordering my new car.
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