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Originally Posted by myold88 View Post
ANTSY doesn't explain what the average Camaro customer goes through waiting for their car. My Camaro had an ETA of Sunday 8/16 and as of AM today has still not arrived.
I have to keep remembering GM only accepted my order on 7//17 and it was built and on the train by 8/5. On 8/10 it was in N.J. and listed as in transit to CT by truck. Now 9 days later I'm still waiting for a call from my dealer. (I call them daily). 9 days to go 150 miles !.
Each day since this car was shipped seems like a week. I'm sure I'm not alone.
You aren't alone- I'm going nuts waiting for my car, it's an hour away and the trucking company just can't deliver for some reason...since last Thursday they've had's a plot to drive me insane. Great story Doc.
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