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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Since you're probably the most well versed in this segment, If I want to take my convertible to the track for a casual event such as "wednesday night drags", what safeties measures do I need to take to be eligible to run down the track.

I know I need:

A helmet
to run water instead of coolant/antifreeze

but do I need:
Roll bar or Roll cage?
to run with top up, or can I run top down?

Anything else you want to add, feel free.

Were you watching "PINKS" last week LOL ?

Here in NC at the Fayetteville strip , I have never been checked for Antifreeze , not need a helment , not needed a roll cage , Did have to roll up window's (so i would guess your top would have be up) with a 11 sec street car .
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