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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post
Ok you all say you love it. Tell me this.

1. HP, TRQ gains
2. Maybe a video clip of the sound
3. Does it really make the car perform better
4. Any one put one on a L99

Hey Scott,

Sorry, I can't give you HP and TRQ gains for this item alone as I've got the Doug Thorley shorties and a pair of Flowmaster Super 40s that were already installed, but, I can tell you this;

2. I took a clip tonight of start-up and idle up to 2500, but I have to wait for battery recharge to download it. Under a load though is where you really hear and feel for that matter this intake working. It's got a NICE sound under acceleration to me.

3. HELL YES!!! I had posted that my LS3 didn't really seem to be running like I expected in another thread, but damn this blast of air has really flipped a switch somewhere on my car. Granted, when I left for my test run tonight, the ambient air was 82 and when I got back it was around 77, but I've driven in these temps before tonight and it was never this responsive to me. I actually got a little uneasy feeling when I was taking a snaky on-ramp onto highway 40 tonight and then I looked down when I was merging and I was doing 92...............

4. I can't offer anything here.

I will also add that I also checked the difference in temperature between the air box and the engine bay and it was significantly noticeable. If I can remember, I'll check it with an infrared scope tomorrow.

I think anyone interested in a nice piece with obvious gains in the seat of the pants feel for HP and TRQ will be happy with this product.

I'm toying with not even getting a dyno tune now even though I know it will just make the gains that much better.
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