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ABM - Crue Fest in VA Beach

Ok, I saw an ABM at the Crue Fest in Virginia Beach yesterday. I couldn't tell what kind cause I was standing in line to get in but I could see it in the distance in the VIP parking lot. I saw it as soon as it came through! I was just standing there staring!
Order date- 08/06/2009
1100, Preliminary Order - official word from The Viz - 9/10/09 (this is also the first day I received my order number)
2000, Order accepted by GM 10/13/2009
2500, Order preferenced 10/14/2009
3000, Order accepted by production control 10/19/2009 TPW 11/02/2009
3300, Order scheduled for production 10/25/2009
3400, Order broadcast 10/30/2009
3800, Order produced 11/05/2009 2G1FC1EV3A9164001
4200, shipped 11/10/2009 - ETTX907886
Delivered 11/22/2009
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