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Originally Posted by SirBrad View Post
DCJ you're the man. Do you have pics of both of them together?

You need to stripe on and make it a little different. You thinking of doing that?

I need to get pics of both. I tried to get my wife to follow me yesterday down the road in her's but she opted just to ride with me. I will pull them both out and take pics today at the house. My neighbors probably have thought we flipped our lids with 2 SIM or I am sure we are considered the rednecks in our subdivision now I am sure they don't realize there is a difference in them

Yeah I was thinking of putting stripes on mine but everytime I start getting serious about it, I go out and look at it and it just looks so sweet clean. I do need to break them up some how. I tried to get my wife to put stripes on her's and she Xed that pretty quickly lol
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