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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
go take a heat gun to a stock turbo'd car, compare it to the manifolds themselves, the turbos, and the exhaust leaving the turbo, then find the same motor N/A'd and check the heat on the manifolds and the exhaust farther down

and thats another thing with OEM turbos. they are small.

which allows them to be used for that amount of miles and not run into problems. just like motorcycle motors compared to a v-8. ever wonder why they can spin up to 14,000 rpms? cus they are smaller and have a lot less rotating mass. same applies to turbos, but i am aware that you know that. just puttin it out there
Here is another article from the same awesome Aussie website (I showed the first one to Dragoneye) about the different ways automakers use turbos.

After reading it I think that a small turbo is kind of like a low stall torque converter, it makes a lot of sense for a daily driver which is after all what they are building. Sure they will choke before they hit the readline, but there is very little lag and peak torque is avaible from 2k to 5k (or so) and I'll make that trade for my daily driver.
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